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6 March 17:00GUTE

Hosted & attended by cloud geeks

CloudBeer is casual meetups for people who want to learn, teach and discuss cloud related topics.

By hosting small events that evolve around good food and cloud computing we hope to learn new things, get new perspectives and meet new friends. The main focus of these events is of course Cloud Computing and our aim is to make CloudBeer your favourite spot to meet like-minded people in your area, where no topic is discarded and everyone get´s to bring something to the table.

Live stream

Due to connectivity issues in Stockholm, affecting our venue partner, we are forced to cancel the live stream. The sessions will be recorded and published at after the fact.


  • Registration starts at 5pm
  • The first presentation will start at 5:30pm
  • Food will be served approximately 7pm
  • The official program ends approximately 9pm

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Kim Hindart
Chief Security Officer

A Holistic Approach to Preventing Data Breaches in Your Cloud

How to dramatically reduce the risk of data beaches in your cloud with common tools like Ansible and GitLab.

Kim Hindart

I currenly work as Chief Security Officer at City Network Hosting AB.

Huge Open Source fan boy and developer. With a background in mobility and especially Symbian and Android. I am a really geeky dude that was forced to handle security and compliance so the only coding I do is on my spare time. Luckily that's also what I like to do in my spare time, work. But real work and not just a lot of complinace and regulations but something that is acctually for the betterment of mankind. 

Unfortunately I happen to bee good at security, especially social engineering, and now I am stuck. But I am happy to share my knowledge and experience in making things both secure and compliant. And no they are not alwas the same thing. 

Compliance is solved through the cloud. Epecially smarter clouds. OpenStack is the key to this. OpenStack is 42 to compliance. One stack to forever in the darkness bind them.

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Masoud Fatollahy
Sr. Engineering Solution/Specialist

Building an Open 5G/MEC Infrastructure using Openstack

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Florian Haas
VP Professional Services & Education

We've Got the Tech, Now What About the Skills?

The pace of technology in our industry continues to accelerate, particularly in the infrastructure space. In recent years, every new technology worth mentioning in infrastructure has been complex, distributed, and built for scale: OpenStack, Ceph, Kubernetes, Cumulus Linux, OVN... the list goes on.

As customers demand that service providers like us make these technologies available, and as we ourselves identify the need to deploy them, you would think that the primary challenges we face are scalability, time-to-market, or cost. That is not the case. The primary challenge is enabling people to know and understand these systems, and finding more of those people as we grow: we're dealing with a skills gap, not a technology gap.

Florian will be talking about how City Network addresses this challenge: with our very own approach to hiring, training, and skill-building — using the very technology that we train people on.

Florian Haas

I run the Professional Services & Education BU at City Network, and help people learn to use, understand, and deploy OpenStack. I've worked exclusively with open source software since about 2002, and have been involved in OpenStack since early 2012. I co-founded hastexo, a professional services company specializing in OpenStack, Ceph, and Open edX. There I served as CEO and Principal Consultant until our acquisition by City Network in October 2017. I have presented at several OpenStack Summits and numerous other conferences and meetups.

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Tobias Rydberg
Senior Developer

A recap of the OpenStack PTG meetup in Dublin

The inner workings of the PTG meetup and it's role in the development of OpenStack features.

Tobias Rydberg

Senior software developer at the OpenStack based public cloud City Network, based in Sweden but with locations around the globe. More than 10 years of industry experience.

Tobias main focus is developing City Networks cloud management platform - used for all our OpenStack installations - and other cool complementary features. Also spending some good time maintaining our installations.

Big fan of OpenStack, been around it for a couple of years now. Proud to have been given the opportunity to co-chair the Public Cloud Working group.

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